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Imagine if you had the ability to control exactly how much sun, and rain your crops got. What if you could set the ideal temperature for everything you grow, and could control the humidity and air flow with perfect precision? Grappling with the effects of the environment while producing food has always been the farmer’s biggest challenge. But Vertical Farming takes all the uncertainty out of growing by creating and maintaining the perfect climate for whatever you’re growing.

The development of agriculture has always been closely tied to the interpretation and prediction of weather. The first standard rain gauge was developed in 1441 and since then, humans have been attempting to better predict the weather using increasingly advanced tools to protect their crops.

In 2018, The Agricultural Improvement Act called for the removal of hemp, cannabis sativa with a THC level of 0.3%, from the schedule one classification to allow for easier agricultural production. Hemp is an extremely versatile crop that is used to make food, oils, animal feed and fibres/textiles.

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