Croptracker’s award-winning Farm Management Software is easy to use, and the Croptracker team is always here to help! These tutorial videos will help you to get started with Croptracker modules, from planting to shipping. As always, if you're ever stuck, never hesitate to e-mail us at or Live Chat with us by clicking the green speech bubble helpicon in your bottom right-hand corner.

Getting Started


Creating Your Farm

Easily map your farms, blocks and rows on Croptracker's GIS mapping system.

Choose from hundreds of crops and varieties, and even add your own.

Keep track of every aspect of your fields, from anywhere.

Add planting details, row and tree spacing information, and exact field size in acres or hectares.

Adding Contacts

Add customers, licensed applicators, drivers, and more.

Easily select your contacts in other events, and prepopulate their information with just a click.

Save chemical applicator license numbers and save time creating your spray events, while keeping on top of chemical application laws in your area.

Spray and Pesticide Application


Spray Setup - Adding Equipment

Save all of your equipment information in Croptracker.

Automatically populate spray events with your sprayer's output rate, tank size, application method, and more.

Let Croptracker calculate the number of tanks you'll need based on your sprayer data and application pattern.

Spray Setup - Adding a Chemical

Access Croptracker's extensive chemical database, and customize your chemical list to your needs.

Add your own chemicals, or create your own versions of pre-existing questions.

Track pre-harvest and re-entry intervals to keep your team safe.

Spray Treatment Templates

Canadian Croptracker customers can easily access Croptracker's database of treatment templates based on federal chemical recommendations.

Use treatment templates to populate your spray events automatically.

Save time by adding your most frequent applications as treatment templates and reduce data entry.

Recording Sprays and Spray Plans

Using the Croptracker desktop app, users can access chemical lists, create their own chemicals, and update chemical formulas.

Access treatment templates to see easy to follow spray templates customized to your crop and target pest.

Record your sprays and spray plans, safety equipment, spray rates, tanks used, and even cost of sprays.

Create spray instruction sheets that can easily be distributed to employees.

Mobile App: Recording A Spray

Record sprays on the go from anywhere using the Croptracker mobile app.

Recieve notifications for PHI and REI dates.

Turn your phone or tablet into a mobile spray diary.

Record your sprays, responsible applicators, safety equipment, chemicals used and areas sprayed.

Punch Clock and Labor Tracking


Punch Clock Setup

Using the Croptracker desktop app, set up your employees, piece rates, work crews, and pay schedules. This one time set-up will ensure that payroll reports, piecerate calculations and worker productivity reports are properly generated in Croptracker.

Create work crews and assign employees to them, assign crew bosses, chemical applicators, and more.

Create piece rates for different activities, and associate them with work logs.

Set up your employees and get started tracking your labor expenses, employee productivity, and payroll costs.

Punching In Employees

Punch your employees in from the desktop, or right in the field using your mobile device.

Create employee badges and punch them in by scanning their unique QR codes.

Turn your phone or tablet into a stationary badge scanner and punch employees in easily using kiosk mode.

Punch employees directly into your events and start tracking time and counting pieces immediately.

Packing and Fieldpack


Packing & Fieldpack Setup

Using the Croptracker desktop app, set up your packing materials, masters and master styles, pallet configurations, and more. This one time set-up will get you ready to start packing and fieldpacking.

Add packing materials and track your inventory.

Create custom packing styles for your packing and fieldpack events.

Recording Fieldpack

Record your fieldpack events and track piecerates in the field.

Create traceability reports to track the entire lifecycle of a product and pallet.

See your harvest inputs in real time as they come in.

Packing Inventory

Track your harvested inventory and create packing traceability records.

Punch your employees in to a packing product from your iOS device and record productivity on the packline.

Create an input queue and stay ahead of your packline.

Easily print scannable pallet and case tags from anywhere with your phone and mobile printer.

Traceability and Reports


Generating Traceability Reports

Generate over 80 reports at the touch of a button.

Automate reporting processes, from Global or Canada GAP reports, to payroll and worker productivity reports.

Cut audit time to a few hours instead of a few days.

Shipping and Recieving


Recording a Shipment

Keep track of product movement and make precise records of what enters and exits your facility.

Fulfill orders, record purchase, and perform inventory transfers.

Easily print shipping labels, receipts and waybills.

Transactions & Order Desk


Creating a Sales Order

Create sales and purchase orders.

Let Croptracker auto-populate your customer contacts and shipping destinations.

Easily attach sales orders to shipping events for maximum traceability.

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And as always, if you're ever stuck, never hesitate to e-mail us at or Live Chat with us by clicking the green speech bubble helpicon in your bottom right-hand corner.  We're always happy to help you let Croptracker make your farm become more efficient, safe, and profitable!