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Sometimes irrigation feels like an underestimated star of horticulture.  While we may not discuss it on this blog as much as we discuss chemical applications or harvests, irrigation is a critical process upon which the farm's success hinges.  As growers know, irrigation not only increases yields and fruit size, but lengthens tree and vine life for a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Groundbreaking Cold Lightning Treatment Eliminates Fruit Mold

Here at Croptracker we're fascinated by other forms of technology that help revolutionize food safety and make growers' work days easier.  That's why we're excited to hear about a fledgling innovation from Australia that could possibly make a huge contribution to fruit rot control in the future.

CanadaGAP Recognized by GFSI's Latest Version

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) has officially recognized fresh produce safety programme CanadaGAP® against its most recent Version 7.1 benchmarking requirements.  

Spotlight on Spray Records

Spray and chemical inventory records are some the most important documents a produce grower can have.  As well being a legal requirement in most jurisdictions, they are becoming increasingly sought-after by processors and buyers as a means to verify the safety of a farm's products.  Spray records can also provide useful insights that can help growers plan their future operations.  When complete with Post-Harvest Interval (PHI) information, they also demonstrate that due diligence was taken and help protect the safety of growers, workers, and consumers.  

With the recent widespread media attention on pesticides and incidents of their misuse, growers may wish to investigate new ways of recording their chemical application and inventory information more uniformly and more accessibly.  In this blog post we discuss how Croptracker makes keeping accurate, comprehensive, and secure records quick and easy.

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