You don't want to be tethered to your computer. Luckily, Croptracker offers mobile farm record keeping apps for both iOS and Android - that way, you can spend less time in your office and more time in your field or orchard.



Track Labor

Monitor your team's day to day productivity, make schedules, manage farm equipment, and assign tasks when you're away from your operation

Use the Punch Clock's Kiosk Mode to turn your device into a stationary kiosk which employees can use to badge themselves in and out

Record Data In-Field

Record your production practices, sprays, and harvests instantly in-field with your smartphone, reducing the risk of inaccurate records or mistakes

Eliminate double entry, record your events in field and watch your data in real time from the office!

Stay Informed

View your data from anywhere in the world

Track harvests, production practices, labor and more in real time

Harness the power of data to determine best practices for your farming operation


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