Operating a farm is more than just planting and harvest. With production practice tracking, you can record every activity performed across your organization.


A tractor parked in a vineyard

Track every task in every row, from pruning and mowing to thinning and wrapping

Track labor and equipment costs for production practices all across your farm or orchard operation

Track time against any task performed on your farm

Fine tune your practices to improve quality and yield

Experiment with different techniques and record them all on the cloud

Identify patterns across time to make informed decisions about your best practices

Croptracker Reports on various devices
A gardener prunes an apple tree

Customize your activity list to best reflect your organization

Easily add the tasks most relevant to your farm or orchard

Or choose from dozens of pre-existing production practices from the Croptracker database


Record Every Task

Choose from a list of production activities, or add your own

Combine with labor tracking to track pieces pruned, mowed, wrapped and more, all from your mobile device

Track Production Costs

Punch employees directly into a production practice event and start tracking time

Attach equipment to an employee worklog and track your equipment usage costs and runtime

Record equipment hours and maintenance

Stay Informed

Get a big picture view of what worked and what didn’t with Croptracker's 80+ reports

Access your records from anywhere using your mobile device

Harness the power of data to determine best practices for your operation


All of our harvest, receiving, packing and shipping inputs are done on the program, and all tags and paper work too! I do not know how we managed before Croptracker!" - Sunnydale Farms