Data collection drives growth - as long as you can understand what your data is telling you. Croptracker has over 80 reports in clean, easy-to-read formats to help you gain a big-picture understanding of your business.


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Real Time and Scheduled Reporting

Generate over 80 reports on every aspect of your operation from planting to shipping

View your data in real time with just a few clicks

Advanced Product Traceability

Build detailed reports to meet global food safety standards

Centralize all of your records on the cloud



Save Time

Choose from over 80 automatically-generated reports

Automate record keeping and speed up payroll processes

Cut audit time to a few hours instead of a few days

Enhance Traceability

Automate reports to meet food safety requirements for Global GAP, FSMA, GFSI and more

Decrease response time in the event of problems and hasten the recall process

See the entire lifecycle of a product with the Mock Recall Report

Stay Informed

Measure efficiency and progress throughout the year

Easily identify patterns in your operation across time

Harness the power of data to make the best decisions for your operation

Reduce Paperwork

Centralize your records, securely, on the cloud

Let Croptracker handle calculations for yield, payroll, chemical use, and more!

Report in Real Time

View your information immediately, in easy to read formats, generated in seconds!

Run and view reports as often as you like, and keep on top of all aspects of your operation

Share Information

Export your reports in any format you like

Share information with your team at the touch of a button


All of our harvest, receiving, packing and shipping inputs are done on the program, and all tags and paper work too! I do not know how we managed before Croptracker!" - Sunnydale Farms