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Controlled atmosphere (CA) storage as it is currently known and utilized is a 20th century innovation, but the fundamentals of how it functions stem from research conducted as early as the early 1800s. Best suited for fruits and vegetables that are climacteric – referring to produce that suitably ripens after being picked due to its emission of ethylene gas – CA storage greatly extends the freshness of a season’s harvest. Maximizing sales and limiting spoilage, CA storage practices enable growers to best participate in global supply chain markets. How can refined post-harvest insights further boost the benefits of investing in high cost storage infrastructure?

Supply chains are intricate, highly technical systems that, inevitably, are full of predictable stressors – and those lovely surprise (!) issues, too. When it comes to fruit production, growers, pickers, shippers, and work crew managers must sprint against the time trials of the season, before, during, and after harvest. The season waits for no one, so how can fresh fruit supply chain hiccups be soothed, to boost profitability and limit waste?