Croptracker is the leading orchard management software system for growers of fruit and nuts.

Croptracker's orchard management software helps growers and packers around the world to maintain accurate records, improve traceability, and manage labor and production costs.

Since 2006, Croptracker has been designed with the help of growers and orchard managers to enhance orchard productivity and yield.

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Spray Record Keeping

Our award-winning spray record keeping software.

Croptracker’s spray diary system lets you create and access records with ease from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Easily record sprays and pesticide application by orchard, block or row, and analyze usage and costs over time.

Let Croptracker automatically maintain your chemical inventory based on your purchase and application records.

Track PHI and REI dates to calculate residue limits, and even automatically alert workers when it is safe to re-enter rows for harvest or pruning.

Harvest Yield Records

Winner of the Agtech Breakthrough Award for Overall Harvest Solution Provider of the Year.

Harvest bin tracking has never been easier. Record harvest events, print scannable bin tickets, and track your pickers right in the orchard from your mobile device or tablet.

Easily scan bin tickets with your phone camera at storage or packing time, and keep your data together on the cloud, to review from anywhere in the world.

Production Practice Tracking

Flexible tracking for any production activity.

Track every task in every row, from pruning and mowing to thinning and wrapping.

Customize your activity list to suit your needs.

Track labor and equipment costs for production practices all across your orchard operation.

Work Crew Activity and Labour Tracking

Enhance worker safety and traceability, manage employees and organize payroll.

Track employee hours, piece rate payouts, breaks, minimum wage top ups and more.

Easily punch employees in and out from your mobile device, or scan them in using badges with kiosk mode.

Maximize labor efficiency, make better decisions for your crew, and communicate together straight from your mobile devices.

Storage Records

Eliminate misplaced product and enhance your traceability.

Manage inventory, track bin locations, and reduce shrink.

Record storage stalls with aisle, row, and rack names.

View stored product details such as grade, quality, quantity, and location.

Harvest Quality Vision

Croptracker’s world-leading computer vision system.

Scan hundreds of fruit in seconds.

Objectively and accurately assess size, color, and quality of produce.

Gather and share fruit quality information in one place.

Generate reports on size and color data.

Quality Control

Manage and monitor quality specific to your commodity with flexible tracking options.

Accurately and empirically asses your product.

Capture the data you need most with custom inspection templates.

Eliminate spreadsheets and paperwork and centralize your post-harvest records.

Crop Load Vision

We've partnered with leading agricultural experts and local growers to speed up the testing and roll-out of Crop Load Vision.

Accelerate crop load assessments with mobile data capture.

Identify and count fruit on the tree with a simple scan.

Increase sample size using just a mobile device.