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The use of robots is no longer limited to the manufacturing industry. New applications in machine learning and robotics are changing the way fruit is grown and produced. Robotic fruit picking robots are not a new concept, and labor shortages are a perennial problem for fruit growers. There is a large focus on automating some of the more tedious jobs that will help growers get their crop to market.

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Here at Croptracker, we understand that growers are in agriculture to grow high quality crops and make sure they get to market. We also understand that knowing more about your fields and orchards allows you to get the money you deserve in the current economic market.

Digitize your Quality Control processes and have access to it anytime & anywhere!

Crop quality is one of the most important factors to ensure that your crops make it to buyers and you get properly paid. Growing fruits and vegetables is tough, between extreme weather events such as hail, to the constant battle against pests, there are an endless number of problems that can affect the quality of your crop before you harvest or sell it.

Croptracker’s Work Crew Activity and Farm Labor Tracking module will Solve your Administrative Headaches

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