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At Croptracker, we take our role as custodian of our clients' data seriously.  Read on to learn how we keep your data safe, secure, and reliable.

Growers can’t make the most of exciting new ag tools like crop management software without the most basic broadband speeds.  However, many growers around the world are still stuck in Internet blackout zones.  In today's blog post we discuss the digital divide in 3 different countries, and how Croptracker is working the bridge the gap in spring 2019.

Bee Diversity

A Cornell study has found that apple orchards surrounded by natural habitats are visited by a more diverse collection of bee species than those surrounded by agricultural lands.  The study found that production improved in orchards surrounded by natural habitats; as apple production suffers when fewer, more closely-related species of bees pollinate an orchard.

Spring Training

The Ontario Apple Growers Association and Ontario Tender Fruit Growers Association would like to invite you to attend a one-on-one CropTracker training workshop next week. Would you like to learn more about how to use CropTracker and what it can offer? If so, you may be interested in attending this workshop which will provide a hands-on, one-on-one training approach from one of Croptracker's developers.

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