Integrated farm management is sometimes called the “whole farm” approach to farming. Encompassing not just the business aspects of farm management, integrated farm management recognizes the social and environmental aspects of management and promotes the long term resilience of the farming landscape.



Integrated Farm Management & Agricultural Economics

Integrated farm management strategies are beneficial to both large and small farms, and can vary widely depending on the individual operation. The goal is always the same though: to establish effective business practices, improve production, and increase longterm stability and profitability. Farm management is directly tied to farm economics, and tracking expenses is integral to increasing profitability. A huge range of factors and data points make up a true integrated farm management strategy, but we’ll go over some of the biggest ones here:

Labor and Productivity Management

Identify trends in productivity and maximize your team’s potential

Equipment Costs and Maintenance

Track equipment run costs and equipment maintenance

Spray Records and Chemical Costs

Manage your pesticide applications and chemical costs

Inventory Tracking

Track harvested inventory, packing materials, and identify costs and returns

Soil Sampling & Nutrient Management

Healthy produce starts with healthy soil, track soil health and nutrient application

Yield Tracking

Identify patterns in yield and use data to maximize your harvest

Crop protection & Pest Management

Identify pests and diseases, reduce risk and manage resistance


Minimize environmental impact and develop long term strategies

Crop Rotation

Plan rotation, implement annual and seasonal plans, manage long term soil health and meet short term market needs

Land Management

Make informed decisions about companion crops, erosion management, cover crops and land improvements

Irrigation and Water Use

Monitor water use, track irrigation permits and water source inspections

Data Management

Measure and manage all aspects of your operation, understand your data and records, and make the most of them

These aspects of managing costs, uncovering inefficiencies, sustainable business planning, and maximizing productivity and profit are just a few of the many facets of integrated farm management.

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