No need to wait until you get back to the office to record your harvest and field packing events. Ensure accuracy by recording them and sharing them with your team as they happen, right there in the field.



Immediate access to harvest yield data, from anywhere in the world

View your data from anywhere on your mobile device

Track your harvest inputs remotely

Advanced traceability and harvest record keeping

Build detailed reports to meet global food safety standards

Track each bin right down to who picked it

mockrecall tablet


Save Time In The Field

Create a harvest event in advance and add your inputs from the field

Print your scan-able harvest tags days ahead of time

Lose the spreadsheets, enter your inputs directly from the app

Share Information - Fast!

Share your harvest event plan with employees and avoid costly mistakes and miscommunications

Get immediate access to your harvest data from anywhere using your mobile device

Combine with labour tracking to effortlessly punch employees in and out as you harvest

Keep Track in Real Time

See your harvest inputs in real time as they come in

Print your harvest tags in the field with a mobile printer

Combine with spray to receive warnings if REI and PHI dates haven’t yet passed at the time of your event

Manage Inventory Remotely

Designate harvested products for immediate shipping, packing, or storage

Access information on your harvested products at every step of the way

Keep track of your inventory by product, scan code, weight, or even who picked it

Be Prepared with Advanced Traceability

Keep all of your harvest information and records in one place

Generate reports at the touch of a button when auditing time comes to meet GAP, FSMA and GFSI requirements

Decrease response time in the event of problems and hasten the recall process

Let Croptracker Do the Math!

Generate yield reports and compare to previous harvests

Track harvest productivity at the touch of a button

View yield patterns across time, or by the farm, field, block, or variety


All of our harvest, receiving, packing and shipping inputs are done on the program, and all tags and paper work too! I do not know how we managed before Croptracker!" - Sunnydale Farms