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If online tool adoption feels a little overwhelming, that’s understandable. Determining what would be most effective for a growing or distribution operation that’s historically relied upon paper tracking and Excel can be daunting, especially when acronyms are peppered throughout feature descriptions.

According to the United Nation’s International Telecommunication Unit (ITU) in 2019, only 38% of homes in rural areas had access to the internet. Growers and distributors’ operations are more often located in areas that can be considered rural or remote – frequently meaning that there’s less reliable (if not non-existent) internet connectivity access for workers and local residents.

Time sensitivity in fresh market fruit production is a huge hurdle to overcome every season – but storage innovations like those achieved by RipeLocker suggest a cold supply chain future with minimal risk of decay. In partnership with Blueberry Hill, RipeLocker has announced the successful freshness outcome of its eight-week trial of storing blueberries in its containers for shipping and storing perishable goods.

Though the foundational components of plant life are understood, much of what happens below the soil remains obscure. Cornell University has initiated the development of a project to connect more dots regarding how roots engage with soil, by creating a wormlike robotic tool. Aiming to explore root interactions with soil, the robot concept offers great potential for plant growth data collection in a new way.

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