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As AI becomes increasingly ubiquitous - it’s in your phone, it’s tagging your photos, it’s selling you t-shirts on Instagram and it’s even delivering your food - questions about the role artificial intelligence should play in our daily lives, and what it is that really sets us apart as humans have been coming up more and more.

There is a lot of anxiety in the media right now about the future of artificial intelligence: Will AI steal our jobs, copy our artwork, plagiarize our writing? Just this week, the dangers of artificial intelligence, the existential threat it could represent, the extinction level risk that could be on par with climate change, nuclear war and the Matrix - the articles are rising to the top of the Google ranks faster than many of us human bloggers can keep up.

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is a branch of Health Canada responsible for the registration, evaluation, and sustainable usage of pesticides. A new update to PMRA policy, “PMRA Guidance Document, Tank Mix Labeling” will go into effect at the end of December 2024, with big implications for Canadian spray operators. In this week’s blog, we will go over the basics of tank mixing, the reasoning behind the process, the current regulations governing it, and the forthcoming changes that will shape future implementation.

In recent years, the agricultural industry has witnessed a significant increase in automation investments. According to the Western Growers Center for Innovation Technology's 2022 Specialty Crop Automation Report, automation-related investments on farms saw a remarkable 25 percent surge in 2022. Approximately 70 percent of participating growers indicated that they had invested in automation in 2022, with an average annual spend of $450,000-$500,000 per grower. The biggest percentage of investment? Weed management: 45 percent of survey respondents reported investing in automated weeding technology.

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