We are crop management software developers specializing in the fruit & vegetable industry.

About Us

Since 2006 we have helped growers, packers, cooperations, and associations of all sizes to maintain accurate records, enhance their productivity, and optimize their operations through our integrated software and consulting services.


Our Story

Croptracker was developed by Dragonfly IT Inc. when founder and CEO Matthew Deir was asked to help develop a solution to a major agriculture problem: chemical tracking. In close consultation with the client, he began developing the powerful database system that would later become the Croptracker platform.

Now 12 years and countless software advancements later, our goal remains the same: to work with our clients to develop powerful solutions that help them grow more efficiently, more profitably, and safer.





Why Croptracker?


    • We “Get” Crop Production
      Croptracker wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the input
      of growers - as a result, our software reflects and
      combats today’s most pressing challenges facing your farm.
  • Customizable
    No two farms are the same, and not a single farm remains
    the same for very long. Our development team is ready to
    customize your software package to fit you and your
    farm’s unique and evolving needs.
    • Constant Innovation
      We work with agricultural professionals every day
      to design new features and improve the software.

  • Comprehensive Support
    From our office to your field, our support team is here
    to help. Contact us anytime for assistance or book a
    1-on-1 training session on your farm.  No matter
    your comfort level with technology, Croptracker
    will take away headaches - not create them.