Farm management software are digital tools that help growers centralize their records, optimize their productivity, and make informed decisions for their farms. The bottom line? When you pair growers' expertise with technology, growing is easier, quicker, and more profitable.
High-quality farm management software will help you:

Other benefits include...

Faster, Easier Food Safety Audits

Due to the increasing complexity of food & worker safety regulations, highly-detailed food-safety audits are required by global retailers.

Farm management software records and compiles the information you need to know to pass audits quickly and easily, opening the doors to bigger retail opportunities and granting global market access.

Faster, Easier Food Safety Audits
Stronger Traceability

Stronger Traceability

Traceability plays a huge role in today’s agriculture industry. The ability to trace a product through all stages of production, processing, and distribution is becoming a standard business practice. With strong traceability, you can:

  • Act immediately if a recall happens
  • Avoid potential damage to your reputation for food quality and safety
  • Comply with food safety programs and requirements from buyers
  • Expand your competitive advantage and export to global markets
  • Qualify for global food safety certifications like GlobalGAP

Labor Tracking

Comprehensive farm and agriculture management software offers robust labor tracking and recording features. You will be able to:

  • Track hourly and piecemeal rate activity to comply with labor standards in your area
  • Keep records of work hours offered, work hours completed, and work activities completed throughout the day
  • Compile employee records, pay schedules, and work schedules in one central spot
  • Punch employees in and out at the touch of a button
Labour Tracking
More Connected, Safer Teams

More Connected, Safer Teams

High-performance operations rely on highly-productive teams. Easily create and assign schedules, compile timesheet data, centralize your employee records, view individual and group productivity trends, and respond to issues and irregularities before they become critical problems.

With a constant bird's eye view of your team, you can make the most effective decisions for your farm.

Worker safety is a moral imperative and a sound business practice. Crop management software will help keep your team safe by alerting you of spray event intervals, safe field re-entry times, and more.

Real-time Data, Real-Time Insight

Crop management software allows you to access to what’s happening throughout your operation at any given time. Harness this real-time data to make proactive decisions for your operation.

  • Eliminate missed or duplicated tasks
  • Monitor inputs in real-time and identify shortages or overages before they cost you
  • Redirect employees and get the most value out of their time
  • Automate your farm record management
Real-time Data, Real-Time Insight
Powerful Reports

Powerful Reports

All farm management software gather scores of information, but stand-out systems will generate comprehensive reports that allow you to take advantage of your data's invaluable insights.

With these reports, you can easily understand the cause-and-effect of your past decisions, identify developing trends, and create informed plans for the future.

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