Croptracker is pleased to announce Harvest Quality Vision (HQV), developed with the aim of revolutionizing fruit and vegetable harvests.

Harvest Quality Vision™ is a rapid, economic, and objective means to monitor and analyze your harvest progress. It will save time and money by eliminating the need for manual inspection, and by alerting growers of problems and deviations so they can course-correct early on in the harvest process.

The result? More consistent harvests, higher-quality produce, and less manual labor.

The HQV will also allow large growers and co-operatives to uphold quantitative and qualitative standards across thousands of workers and millions of pounds of produce.

Conservative estimates based on one global apple exporter suggest millions of dollars more in revenue could be generated from consistently delivering more apples of higher quality with the help of the HQV.

The HQV consists of a 3D scanner tablet attachment that captures images of bins and processes and delivers them in real time - anywhere in the world.

Through its instantaneous image analysis and processing capabilities, the HQV determines the size, color, and quantity of fruit in its visible range and alerts key managers to deviations from pre-determined standards.

Therefore, growers and field/orchard managers become aware of and can deal with issues like quantity shortages, defects, and disease much quicker - without the need for time-consuming manual inspection or waiting for a packing report.

How to Use:
  • Input the standard range of produce color profile, size and quantity as well as the time intervals for image capture
  • Scan the top of a bin using a mobile tablet device with the 3D scanner attachment at progressive intervals while the bin is being loaded with produce
  • Let the HQV process the image and generate your results
Benefits of Using Harvest Quality Vision™:
  • View unique and aggregate measurements on color profile, size and quantity for that particular tree, row, orchard, time of day, etc.
  • Receive alerts when the standard range is not being met within a block.
  • Manage what is being picked to predetermined quantitative standards without time-consuming and labor-intensive manual inspection
  • Identify and be automatically alerted of inconsistencies, mistakes, and fruit at risk very early in the process
  • Respond to issues before they become costly problems and reduce shrink
Harvest Quality Vision™ is set for release in early 2019.

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We are very excited to launch Harvest Quality Vision in the upcoming months. We're confident it will be a real game-changer.