Optimize your team's productivity and solve problems as they happen by monitoring and managing employees in real-time. With a constant bird’s eye view of your labour, you can make the most effective decisions for your farm.

Employee Records

Keep records of work hours offered, work hours completed, and work activities throughout the day.

Compile all employee personnel records all in one easily-accessible, secure location.

Generate unique employee numbers.

Print employee badges with scannable QR codes for easy punching in and out, even from your mobile device.

Work Schedules

Easily build or edit work schedules.

Create work crews and assign employees to them.

Track start and end times, breaks and lunch hours.

Pay Schedules

Create and save different pay schedules.

Assign employees to different pay schedules and let Croptracker calculate their payout - no manual calculations necessary.

Mobile Punch Clock Kiosk

Punch employees in or out with a few taps or a simple scan of an employee badge.

Croptracker will automatically record who entered and left the facility and at what time.

Keep Your Team Safe

Auto-calculate safe re-entry times for each chemical application.

Receive e-mail alerts when the pre-harvest interval has passed.

Receive a warning if employees are scheduled to enter a block before it is safe.

Store Worker Safety Templates for easy downloading, printing, and display.

Real-Time Reports

Gain valuable business insights with real-time activity timesheets and payroll timesheet reports.

Assess your labour force’s efficiency and performance and identify areas for improvement.