Create hourly or piece rate pay schedules and generate payroll reports in seconds.

Export reports with the click of a button to seemlessly integrate with payroll systems

Maintain detailed digital records of employee activities for performance reviews and auditsv.

Punch Clock is flexible and made to support the workflow your farm needs.

Scrolling through the employee payroll report in croptracker

Work with Croptracker’s expert support staff to find the flow that works for you.

Showing employee screen in croptracker

Easily update employee data and keep records season over season.

Organize employees into work crews and assign crew leaders.

Email employees work logs summaries ensuring fair and transparent payroll management.

Boost traceability and help eliminate mistakes.

Generate employee bages and punch in employees using kiosk mode.

Track employee time on location and easily shift employees to different tasks and areas on the go.

Pair Punch Clock with Harvest and record time against inventory to accurately assess individual and team performance.

Calculate piece-rate payouts, minimum wage top-ups, hourly payouts and more.

showing an employee badge made in croptracker being scanned on the croptracker app