Croptracker - Work Crew Activity & Labor Tracking

Punch Clock

Optimize your team's productivity and gain valuable business insights with real-time labor tracking and payroll.

Croptracker Creates Confidence

Croptracker’s award-winning Punch Clock module is used by operations around the world to simplify labor tracking, manage employees, and save hours in payroll and piece-rate calculations.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure: Track employee and picker productivity, calculate your cost per hour, cost per acre, even cost per plant.

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Croptracker on the desktop, tablet and cellphone

Painless Piecerate Tracking

Calculate piece-rate payouts, minimum wage top ups, hourly payouts and more

Easily track labor, work hours, and overtime pay

Cost Analysis

Assess your labour force’s performance and identify areas for improvement

Generate payroll and productivity reports

Worker Safety

Store worker safety information for easy downloading, printing, and display

Receive a warning if employees are scheduled to enter a block before it is safe

Croptracker’s employee time-tracking feature has saved 10 hours each week in the payroll department alone, compared to the manual employee and piece-rate tracking system in place before the switch. " - Mr Apple NZ