Spray Record Keeping

Our award-winning spray record keeping software.

  • Create and access records from your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Record sprays and chemical usage and analyze usage and costs over time
  • Automate your chemical inventory based on your purchase and application records
  • Automatically alert workers of safe rentry and preharvest intervals (REI and PHI)

Harvest Yield Records

Winner of the Agtech Breakthrough Award for Overall Harvest Solution Provider of the Year.

  • Record your harvest and track inventory in real time as it comes in
  • Enhance your traceability and meet food-safety requirements
  • Link location and picker information to harvested inventory
  • Track yield and know your best performing blocks and commodities

Production Practice Tracking

Flexible tracking for any production activity.

  • Record pruning, mowing, hand thinning and more
  • Track every task in every row with custom activity lists
  • Track labor and equipment costs and analyze profitability

Work Crew Activity and Labour Tracking

Enhance worker safety and traceability, manage employees and organize payroll.

  • Track hourly and piecemeal pay rates, make pay shedules and organize crews
  • Maximize labour efficiency, make better decisions for your crew, and communicate from your mobile devices
  • Automate piecerate calculations and minimum wage top-ups
  • Export payroll reports in a variety of formats

Harvest Field Packing

Winner of the Agtech Breakthrough Award for Overall Harvest Solution Provider of the Year.

  • Pack your harvest in retail containers the field
  • Track piece rate, pallets and masters, and packing material inventory as you go
  • Pre-print scannable tags for your market containers and pallets
  • Enhance food safety and traceability

Produce Packing Traceability Records

Packing and processing, from farm to fork.

  • Records packing material used while processing products
  • Record processing of harvest inventory into finished products
  • Monitor inventory and packaging costs with easy-to-read reports

Shipping Traceabilty Records

Create traceability links, from seed to sale.

  • View a dashboard of queued, loaded, and shipped orders
  • Print shipping labels and tags
  • Save shipping receipts and waybills
  • Easily pass inspections with detailed inventory tracking

Receiving Records

Manage and monitor everything the enters your facility.

  • View incoming inventory in transit, create links between received and processed product
  • Enhance traceability and food safety
  • Combine with Quality Control and QC inventory as it comes in

Storage Records

Eliminate misplaced product and enhance your traceability.

  • Scan and print invetory scans on your mobile device
  • Designate harvested inventory for storage
  • Create traceability links

Quality Control

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Quantify your quality control metrics with custom specifications and QC templates.

  • Eliminate human error. Accurately and empirically assess your product.
  • Digitize quality management for efficient tracking and reporting.
  • Validate your QC results with the power of data.

Harvest Quality Vision

Croptracker’s world-leading computer vision system.

  • Scan hundreds of fruit in seconds.
  • Objectively and accurately assess size, color, and quality of produce.
  • Gather and share fruit quality information in one place.

Starch Quality Vision

Croptracker’s world-leading computer vision system.

  • Eliminate inconsistency and human error.
  • Accurately and empirically assess your starch tests.
  • Compare tests over time for a more accurate harvest forecast.

Crop Load Vision

Croptracker’s world-leading computer vision system.

  • Capture hundreds of fruit in seconds.
  • Save time and money by digitizing your process.
  • Eliminates the risk of double-counting by effortlessly detecting and tallying and sizing fruit you move.