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Accurate classification is the key to quality assurance and integral to success in commercial-scale produce markets. Apart from filtering out obvious disease, size is a primary classifier for selling fruit in graded classes. When it comes to sizing fruits like apples and peaches, the tried and true methods are still a big part of the production process. Contemporary tech solutions compliment the human touch while speeding up the processing element of harvest. Having the right tools in your toolkit improves your competitive advantage in the highly time-sensitive world of perishable goods.

This piece is a part of our ongoing agtech feature series, highlighting bright innovations impacting the agricultural sector.

Soft Robotics’ gripper technology offers a non-traditional robotic approach to picking up objects with tact and versatility, closing a major use case gap for automation in manufacturing. By creating an end-of-arm-tool (EOAT) that can reliably pick and place objects without damage or chaos, high-speed automation can now be a viable replacement to human workers’ movements. 

What growing techniques shape your production? Plow, chisel, disk, ridge plant – all of these tillage systems offer different advantages when growing in poorly drained soils and aim to start your growing season off with a suitable soil environment. If tillage is in your planning, ideally it’s  executed conservatively: the mechanical manipulation of soil promotes erosion, creating greater need for compensating inputs over time, and larger strain on food production systems worldwide. 

Long days outside mean you’re going to have to charge up one way or another. Having a weather resistant power source for your work in the field is key to ensuring your data tracking and communications are uninterrupted. We’ve highlighted some currently available portable batteries and power banks of note that aim to pass the test of your day to day needs.

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