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How does a farm operation make the leap from one data management system to another? It might be best to change the current approach, but for some stakeholders, it’s not something to proceed with any time soon. So what might help everyone get on the same page about new tools?

As the need to verify production practices has increased, so has the need to log employee work activity. Croptracker’s Punch Clock module is designed specifically for the ag industry, which means having features that allow for flexible and relevant documentation of who accomplishes what tasks, and exactly where on the farm they do so.

Leading a third, fourth, fifth generation family farm? There’s a lot to be proud of when carrying on the family business: decades of growing knowledge, with the tried and true practices passed along from earlier generations, can warm the heart with tradition and spell success for harvest season. But there may be some old routines worth letting go of – say, like manual data entry from clipboards – in favor of more robust digital tracking solutions like Croptracker’s Quality Control (QC) module.

Effective workflow advancements in agriculture can’t happen from the sidelines. When Croptracker CEO Matt Deir reflects on the company’s oldest relationship with Tregunno Farms, he’s brought back to one of his early RFID product development discussions with Ryan Tregunno, manager of the post-harvest side of the business.

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