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Fresh fruit markets can provide consumers with desirable produce nearly year-round because of the innovations that mitigate and control the ripening process. Different interventions pre- and post-harvest take place according to the unique needs of each fruit type. Croptracker’s farm management and data visualization tools fit into any grower’s workflow to track and gain insights on the details that lead to a higher quality, higher value result.

Like every industry this year, the conference event sector has had to embrace an elaborate change of plans required to accommodate the safety risks associated with COVID-19. Depending on the particular timing and logistics, agtech and grower conferences originally scheduled for 2020 were cancelled or reworked to online livestreams.

field of cauliflower in morning sunlight

This piece is a part of our ongoing agtech feature series, highlighting bright innovations impacting the agricultural sector.

Sales of service-oriented robotics have been steadily growing in recent years, and unsurprisingly the adoption rate of robotics for agriculture is getting an extra boost due to new labor risks associated with the ongoing pandemic. Fieldworks Robotics is certainly one to watch for in the coming years, with multiple agtech projects in the works. Most recently, a partnership deal with Bonduelle is anticipated to yield cutting-edge picking technology for cauliflower.

Growers who sell to the fresh market know better than anyone that color matters: accurate classification is the key to quality assurance and integral to success in commercial-scale produce markets. Apart from filtering out obvious disease, color is a primary classifier for selling fruit in graded classes. Contemporary tech solutions compliment the human sorting touch, while speeding up the processing element of harvest. Having the right tools in your QA supply toolkit improves your competitive advantage in the highly time-sensitive world of perishable goods.