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Croptracker is pleased to announce the latest update to its Harvest Quality Vision (HQV) system for apple growers. HQV 4.0 was launched in July 2023 in time for Apple Harvest in North America and offers increased accuracy and ease of use for all customers.

Color is one of the driving consumer acceptance factors when it comes to fresh produce. Everyone wants the reddest strawberries, the sunniest yellow lemons, and the broccoli is always greener on the other side of the fence. So how do growers and retailers make sure they’re producing the fruit and vegetables customers desire? Visual inspection is the number one way consumers select their produce - obviously, most of us aren’t bringing a quality control toolkit to Loblaws. At the grocery store, consumers pick the best-looking produce and carry on, so uniformity and consistency are critical.

An artificial intelligence approach to the apple industry’s most common quality test

Croptracker is proud to announce the launch of Starch Quality Vision; the latest artificial intelligence assessment tool for apple growers. Starch Quality Vision (SQV) technology empowers orchard managers and apple growers to empirically and accurately score starch pattern index (SPI) tests without the need for a trained assessor.

Computer vision may seem simple enough to understand, but below the surface, it is a complex and multidisciplinary field, tied up with a variety of technologies, both old and emerging.