At Croptracker, all of our features are designed in collaboration with growers to prioritize the features that matter most. From the very beginning, the Spray module has been a favorite of fruit and vegetable growers worldwide with features designed to save time, reduce headaches, and keep your crews safe in the field.

Measure and manage costs and make informed decisions

Farm managers have to make decisions about their resources throughout production in order to maximize profit and reduce expenses where possible. Tracking chemical inventory costs and usage with Croptracker provides a complete picture of production costs. Determine whether a spray application is the best use of resources, and analyze your chemical costs with easy inventory management within Spray Events. Maintain an up-to-date inventory of your chemicals automatically, and analyze chemical usage and costs over time by identifying patterns from past usage.

Include personal protective equipment instructions in every event

Pesticide exposure incidents cause farm workers more chemical-related injuries and illnesses than any other workforce nationwide. Safety equipment is a worker's first line of defense against the potentially dangerous health effects of exposure.

Croptracker allows farm managers to create a spray event in advance, specify the application details and required safety equipment, and even choose a licensed applicator from the existing employee list. Users can then generate work orders displaying this safety information in one click. The work order includes a signature box which the applicator can then sign to confirm they have been made aware of and followed the safety protocol.

Mobile phone displays spray safety equipment checklist

Ensure safe re-entry to treated growing areas with REI and PHI tracking

Contact with pesticide residues associated with early re-entry into pesticide treated areas is found to be one of the most common exposure mechanisms. To help mitigate the threat of early re-entry, Croptracker automatically calculates safe re-entry times for each spray application based on the specific chemical’s product label. It can then send e-mail alerts to users when the pre-harvest interval (PHI, also known as "waiting period") has passed, and also warns users if they attempt to input a harvest entry in an area that is still unsafe to enter.

macSprayREI screenshot of e-mail alert preferences

Access your records anywhere, anytime

At audit time, growers need quick access to records. Croptracker acts as a central hub for all of your farm record keeping. Access spray reports in dozens of formats to analyze running costs, manage your inventory, and be prepared for traceability and worker safety audits.

Croptracker modules are built to work together. Use the Spray module with Punch Clock for labor tracking, and get a complete picture of your running costs for all aspects of production, from seed to sale.

Croptracker develops agtech solutions for industry leaders. Located in Eastern Ontario, Canada, our mission is to make crop production safer, more efficient, and more profitable. Designed in partnership with fresh market producers and distributors, every tool we create is based on direct industry feedback. Croptracker’s award-winning farm software optimizes recordkeeping, labor tracking, production and cost management. Visit to learn more about our products and to contact us about app based solutions.