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British researchers claim that the risk of pesticide-contaminated nectar entering bee colonies is higher than previously expected - because bees are prone to becoming "addicted" to pesticide-laced food.  The study compares this to a nicotine addiction in smokers, as the more bees consume pesticides, the more they appear to crave them.

Subscription box services are a relatively new marketing phenomenon but one that has taken the world by storm. Known for being extremely popular among millenials in the form of monthly curated beauty boxes, the subscription box craze has expanded to include options for razors, sci-fi memorabilia, candy, crystals, and now, fresh produce. Companies like Chef’s Plate, Yummy Dishes, Miss Fresh and more deliver fresh fruits and vegetables right to customer's doors inside their weekly and monthly healthy meal kit delivery boxes.  One of the best parts?  Most of the produce comes from small-scale, local growers.

Sometimes irrigation feels like an underestimated star of horticulture.  While we may not discuss it on this blog as much as we discuss chemical applications or harvests, irrigation is a critical process upon which the farm's success hinges.  As growers know, irrigation not only increases yields and fruit size, but lengthens tree and vine life for a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Groundbreaking Cold Lightning Treatment Eliminates Fruit Mold

Here at Croptracker we're fascinated by other forms of technology that help revolutionize food safety and make growers' work days easier.  That's why we're excited to hear about a fledgling innovation from Australia that could possibly make a huge contribution to fruit rot control in the future.

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