Avoid a math headache, Croptracker has your back

Here at Croptracker, we understand that growers are in agriculture to grow high quality crops and make sure they get to market. We also understand that knowing more about your fields and orchards allows you to get the money you deserve in the current economic market.

Harvest estimates and harvest crop yields are a necessary part of record keeping for optimization during harvest. The problem is, harvest is an incredibly busy part of the year and you need to know the yields, not get bogged down in endless calculations and spreadsheets.

This is why we have built both our Harvest Estimate and Harvest Crop Yield modules into Croptracker. They both serve important functions but differ in many ways. Check out the difference between these two modules so you don’t need to be a math major to get through the harvest season!

Harvest Estimate module

During harvest, you may ask yourself, ‘How do I predict my yield?’. Harvest Estimates will allow you to record yield predictions based on a small amount of information entered into our module. These projections will show how the yield predictions change overtime and can be updated again and again. By using the Harvest Estimate tool many times, you can use the tool to record all of your estimates of what you think is going to happen based on additional parts of the harvest season.

We have released a brand new Harvest Estimate Report that enables you to summarize the estimates for all of your blocks based on what has been entered into the Croptracker Web App. These reports are powerful tools that can be opened anytime, anywhere just like all of Croptracker’s helpful farm tools. By using Croptracker’s reports multiple farms can be displayed in one easy to read screen.

A farmer looks at an ipad, on the screem he is tracing back through his harvest records

A harvest estimate report page from the Croptracker webapp


Harvest Crop Yield module

What about if you ask, ‘Which blocks are yielding the best results?’ Or ‘How much did I increase my yields’. Harvest Crop Yield answers these questions. It is about knowing what has been harvested from where and when and what growing blocks did each yield come from. This module provides important feedback about a harvest in progress. Even in the non-growing season it will show you the results of all of your harvested crops. You can plan ahead for the next growing season, make changes to your planting and growing season and ensure your crop yields are increased the following year.


Your crop yields can be calculated offline in the field at any time and when this data is synced to Croptracker, you can access it from anywhere in the world. This means you can access this data whether you are at a different block location or even in a different country for business.

How do I get Started?

Simply book a demo with us and we will get you set up. Our modules are easy to use and come with reports that will handle all the complex math and summarize the data for you.

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