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New Feature(s)

  • TSD-3251 - Disable employeesEmployee Management

    Users can now remove employees from the list without deleting historical data.

  • FT-5613 - Report Q PHI column isn't populated

    Fixed a bug where the PHI column in Report Q would appear blank in some cases.

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-2451 - Include Harvest Comments on Reports

    Reports now show harvest comments

New Feature(s)

  • FT-6168 - Sort Field Map table by type

    Adhoc blocks will now appear at the bottom of the Field Map table.

  • TSD-3222 - Bulk Update Harvest Container UnitHarvest

    Users can now bulk update containers in harvest events on the web.

New Feature(s)

  • FT-6147 - Send password reset email in user admin

    Added a button to send a password reset email to a user in User Admin.

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-3115 - Harvest - Expose notes or comments on iPad

    Users can now view harvest notes and comments on iOS devices

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-1330 - Spray Recalculations Spray

    Users can now easily recalculate their spray chemical amounts after making changes to the initial spray parameters.

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-3177 - Harvest - add Categories as field to Harvest Event creation in iOS App

    Users can now add categories to harvest events on iOS devices

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-3175 - Block Yield Report - Advanced Permissions

    This new feature allows users to assign advanced permissions to the Block Yield Report - limiting the areas that a user can run the report on.

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-2308 - Add application pattern Alternate Rows 100%

    Added application pattern for spraying 100% of alternating rows.

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