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New Feature(s)

  • TSD-2541 - RFID Unloading Pallets Should Set WarehouseRFID

    This feature allows for the configuration of an RFID TagBot to set the warehouse location when automatically unloading pallets from a receiving event.

  • FT-5575 - Shipping/Receiving RFID tagbot broadcasts not working

  • TSD-2501 - Queued inventory available in shipping

    Inventory in the packing queue no longer appears available in shipping events.

  • TSD-2545 - limit RFID automatic shipping events to todayShipping

    This issue could automatically attach pallets to an incorrect shipping event when created by an RFID TagBot process.

The Shipping Waybill Report now includes the reference # for any transaction that a pallet was shipped against.

  • FT-5578 - bill of lading errors

    This issue effected some users ability to generate the Bill of Lading Report for some shipping events.

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-2525 - Include Tagbot Reads in Pallet Inquiry ReportRFID

    This feature enhances the Pallet Inquiry Report to show TagBot reads of pallets.

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-2509 - Add transaction reference number to waybill report

    The Shipping Waybill Report now includes the reference # for any transaction that a pallet was shipped against.

  • FT-5491 - Restore Trace Harvest Forward in Mock Recall report

New Feature(s)

  • FT-5563 - Billing Invoice ViewBilling

  • TSD-2496 - Piecemeal Pay Report - sort employees by name or employee number

    The Harvest Piecemeal Pay Report now orders results by the employee name, with the option to order by the employee number.

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-2487 - change transaction warehouse when changing event warehouseTransactions

    This feature sets the shipping warehouse on any transaction linked to a shipping event when the warehouse on the event is changed.

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-2473 - sales load builder warehouse being pulled from event not transactionTransactions

    The warehouse in the sales load builder screen now uses the transaction's shipping warehouse instead of the warehouse linked to the shipping event.

New Feature(s)

  • FT-5545 - Lane inventory totals

    Inventory lanes now have inventory totals as well as product totals.

  • TSD-2413 - Product Order Balance ReportReports

    This report shows a balance of packed pallets against orders.

  • TSD-2457 - Product Order Balance LocationReports

    This report shows a balance of packed pallets against orders by location.

  • TSD-2463 - auto create shipping event for RFID pallets

  • TSD-2471 - Add 13 bu. bin and 15 bu. bin harvest containers

  • FT-5544 - Available lane limit

    Limit inventory lanes to the first 1000 results - totals are unaffected.

  • TSD-2467 - Bug: Appointment Time picker ls partially hidden

    The Bootstrap datetimepicker widget no longer goes partially off screen on smaller display widths

  • TSD-2469 - Multiple harvest tag option not saving

    The multiple harvest tag option was not always saving correctly under some conditions.

New Pear Pest Entry Added: Fabraea

New Asparagus Pest Entry Added: Cercospora


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