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  • TSD-2690 - Bug - Important: Pallet Transaction Report is Not Working


New Feature(s)

  • TSD-2496 - Piecemeal Pay Report - sort employees by name or employee number

    The Harvest Piecemeal Pay Report now orders results by the employee name, with the option to order by the employee number.

New Feature(s)

  • FT-5648 - Production PracticeProduction Practice

    This update removes the requirement for work crews to be attached to production practice events.

  • FT-5653 - REI and PHI alert emails not being sent

    This issue effected some users ability to recieve PHI and REI emails in a timely manner.

  • TSD-2587 - Mock Recall by Lot # Report - blank graph

    This issue effected some users ability to generate the graph portion of the Mock Recall Report by Lot #.

New Feature(s)

  • FT-5437 - Real-time packingPacking

    iOS App: Tap the "Create Masters" dropdown to incrementally add masters to pallets in a Packing events & print master tags.

  • TSD-2571 - Inventory Availability Bugs

    This issue effected some users ability to check certain raw inventory availability.

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-2514 - Mock recall:lot #

    This feature allows users to run mock recall reports based on a lot number.

  • TSD-2518 - Packing Input Queue Order

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-2521 - event inquiry reportReports

    This report allows users to run pallet level reporting displaying all history of pallets from the context of an event.

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-2541 - RFID Unloading Pallets Should Set WarehouseRFID

    This feature allows for the configuration of an RFID TagBot to set the warehouse location when automatically unloading pallets from a receiving event.

  • FT-5575 - Shipping/Receiving RFID tagbot broadcasts not working

  • TSD-2501 - Queued inventory available in shipping

    Inventory in the packing queue no longer appears available in shipping events.

  • TSD-2545 - limit RFID automatic shipping events to todayShipping

    This issue could automatically attach pallets to an incorrect shipping event when created by an RFID TagBot process.

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