In partnership with Two-a-Day Group; the system is capable of scanning over 4800 apples or pears within 30 seconds with a 98% accuracy

Kingston, ON, CA: After months of developing a brand new solution and thoroughly beta-testing the product for a year, Croptracker is ready to announce the release of their Overhead Bin Scanning system for Harvest Quality Vision (HQV). Built concurrently with their recently released HQV 3.0, their overhead bin system allows packers to know what is coming into the pack shed before the fruit even comes off the truck. While fruit is in the queue, plans can be made to get it on the packing line, rather than trying to figure out what is coming down the line at high speeds. Large growers can also use this system to know what exactly has left the farm.

The overhead scanning system can handle the rigors of a transportation corridor and function at peak efficiency day in and day out. This system is capable of scanning over 4800 apples or pears within 30 seconds with a 98% accuracy. This first build also incorporates automatic detection of trucks entering the scanning corridor without any human input. It is also flexible enough to be built upon one worker activating the start and stop of a scan at a lower price point.


Truck at Two-A-Day's facility beginning to pass through the Croptracker overhead scanning system


This entire system was designed, developed and built by Croptracker in partnership with the Two-a-Day Group in the Elgin district, Western Cape, South Africa. Minimizing labor and skill requirements, HQV overhead scanning allows packers to overcome logistical challenges and to continue producing at high efficiencies. The Two-a-Day Group is well informed about the fruits they receive before it is time to make important logistical decisions about storage and sales.

Chris Petzer from the Two-a-Day Group says, “Croptracker’s Harvest Quality Vision has given Two-a-Day a whole new dynamic in doing business, adding product predictability and insight into making critical business decisions proactively, instead of a reactive response. We like to call it our ‘virtual pre-sorter’. Our partnership with the Croptracker team has been a fantastic experience during this pioneering project. They are professional, innovative and committed to any resolve, always staying positive during any challenge. I am looking forward to our ongoing partnership.”



Croptracker believes this scanning platform can be used to improve efficiency, increase productivity and knowledge for packing houses that receive large quantities of fruit in short periods of time.

Matt Deir, Founder and CEO of Croptracker says, “Our new Overhead Scanning technology shows how we are innovating in the agrotech industry for our clients' needs. We have created a technologically advanced system, while keeping it cost effective. We are very happy that our system is allowing Two-a-Day to make proactive decisions before their fruit even gets off their trucks.”

If you are interested in using Croptracker's handheld HQV 3.0 as a first step to implementing an overhead bin scanning system at your facilities, feel free to book a demo .

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