After a busy 2020 with the initial rollout of Harvest Quality Vision (HQV), Croptracker’s post-harvest computer vision solution, the team is pleased to announce the launch of a further streamlined update. Functioning as a “virtual pre-sorter” for any point along the supply chain, HQV 2.0 captures hundreds of data points for each piece of detected fruit in five seconds, all with just an iPad.

And now, there’s no need for an external camera attachment.

Building upon the success of the premier version of Harvest Quality Vision

Croptracker’s initial HQV release in 2020 has enabled clients in nine countries to streamline their sorting and grading practices for a fraction of the cost and footprint of an optical sorting packline. With tens of thousands of scans captured from the field, before transport, and at receiving, clients have gathered fast, reliable data from harvest samples to associate with stored inventory and seasonal recordkeeping.

Strong support from the first season of Harvest Quality Vision

John Crispin of FirstFruits in Prescott, Washington used Harvest Quality Vision for the 2020 apple harvest. “I like this device and the data it collects, from ranges in apple sizes to having the ability to record color,” said Crispin. “I’ve done comparison reports from the data collected from Croptracker to the data we have on our pack out reports. I’m pleased to say I’m happy with the information it gives me per variety. I will continue to use this device going forward.”

Early customer feedback allowed for the focused expansion of report formatting that organizes harvest data in the best way for industry needs. Each report is readily exportable for integration with other important business tools, so there’s no need to drop the effective parts of your operation’s current workflow. An API is also available to automatically integrate data from Croptracker into users' existing software systems.

apples in harvest bins

HQV 2.0 highlights

Harvest Quality Vision 2.0 has already been beta tested by participating customers on four continents. The latest HQV release offers the ability to:

Scan in direct sunlight
Scan with just an iPhone or iPad Pro no external attachments required

“Building off of the success of our initial launch of Harvest Quality Vision, HQV 2.0 will let our customers get started faster using just an iPhone or iPad, and in a matter of moments,  begin to capture critical quality data at scale,” said Croptracker CEO Matt Deir. “The Croptracker team is excited to expand HQV into additional commodities and marketplaces going forward, as we continue to apply our computer vision expertise to the global specialty crops sector.”

Harnessing harvest data on demand, and on the go – it’s just one of the ways Croptracker embodies our mission to make crop production safer, more efficient, and more profitable. Thank you to all our customers who have enabled us to keep building and moving forward with new technology!

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