Croptracker’s Work Crew Activity and Farm Labor Tracking module will Solve your Administrative Headaches

Did you know? You can save hundreds of hours of work a week with Croptracker’s Work Crew Activity and Farm Labor Tracking module is packed with industry beating features at an industry beating price.

Labor makes up 60% of crop production costs. With Croptracker, you can prioritize your workforce’s day, maximize labor efficiency, make decisions for your crew and they can report back to you easily on their mobile device.

Optimize your team's productivity and solve problems as they happen by monitoring and managing employees in real-time. Never wonder what your workers are up to, while you handle your own busy day.

No more spreadsheets or pen and paper when pay day comes around. Croptracker can calculate piece-rate payouts, minimum wage top ups, hourly payouts, track labor, total work hours and overtime pay. You can calculate your labor costs down to individual plants. Store your employee work records in a central location in the cloud. Access everything, from anywhere with just a username and password.

Create and save different pay schedules. Add piece rates to pay schedules and start tracking piecework straight from harvest. Assign employees to different pay schedules and let Croptracker calculate their payout.

Receive e-mail alerts when the pre-harvest, post spray period has passed. Receive a warning if employees are scheduled to enter a block before it is safe. Store Worker Safety templates for easy downloading, printing, and display.

Gain valuable business insights with real-time activity time sheets and payroll time sheet reports. Assess worker efficiency, performance and identify areas for improvement.

Mr Apple, the leading apple exporter in New Zealand, has been using our Work Crew Activity and Farm Labor Tracking module in their orchard operations for over 4 years. They have found it makes them more efficient, with an overall survey result of between 600-800 hours saved per week. As well, their senior staff save an average of 4-8 hours per week per manager. Time saved using Croptracker’s employee time-tracking feature has saved 10 hours each week in the payroll department alone, compared to the manual employee and piece-rate tracking system in place before the switch. Over the past 4 years, Mr Apple has saved over 110,000 working hours compared to their previous systems.

Grant Stevenson an Orchard Manager at Mr Apple says, ”It has been amazing. It has saved hours of time and effort in the field and in administration and has added a level of accuracy and traceability that we have never been able to achieve in the past. I would absolutely recommend Croptracker as a product to other growers around the world.”

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