Managing costs is always at the forefront of any operation, and at Croptracker we believe that you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

That’s why we’ve created a new report for our users to track the cost of every aspect of the work done in a given area. The Total Work Cost Report was specifically designed based on grower requests and feedback, to help you make the most of all your Croptracker data.

The Total Cost Report combines key financial data, which is captured in Croptracker, and displays it as a Cost Per Area (acres/hectare) and Cost per Plant. The granularity of this data enables Growers to monitor the operational performance of the various activities on their Farm/Orchard and to intervene in operational practices where necessary." - Maria L

Here we round up the top five features that users love about the Total Work Cost Report.

1. Total ALL Work Expenses

With the Total Work Cost Report, for the first time you can see all harvest, spray and production practice expenses in one place. This report talies your employee hourly payouts, piece-rates, equipment hours and running costs, and piecemeal payouts to show the true total of your expenses for an area or activity.

Use the Total Work Cost Report to view:
Employee costs

See your total costs for all employees clocked in to an event or production practice

Hourly wages

See your employees’ total hourly payout


See the number of pieces picked, and the total piecemeal payout for the event

Let Croptracker track your employees' hours and pieces to comply with minimum wage laws

Equipment costs

See the equipment runtime hours and the total cost of equipment usage

Track all of your equipment maintenance in Croptracker too!

See a true big picture view of expenses, all in one place

2. Breakdown To The Cost Per Plant

See your total costs broken down to the acre, hectare, or even the cost per plant.

The more data you’ve entered into your Croptracker maps, the more detailed your reports become.

All operating costs are totalled and summarized, and then broken down again to show you the cost per acre or hectare, and per plant or tree.

View a detailed analysis at every level of operations

3. Track Equipment Hours

Employees using equipment during production practices, sprays, or harvests? Need to track the running costs of your tractors, sprayers, or equipment during your operation's daily activities?

Punch in equipment to track:
Equipment hours

Track the total runtime hours of your equipment across all employees who are punched in

Total equipment cost

See the total costs of using your equipment in production practices and events

Let Croptracker factor those costs into your totals for the area and activity!

Include all aspects of your costs in a report, not just labour

4. Compare Costs Of Production Activities

There are hundreds of possible production activities associated with any growing organization, and tracking their costs can be difficult.

See which practices and activities are costing you the most to perform, and see where those costs are coming from.

Make assessing your expenses faster and more accurate, and generate your reports at the touch of a button.

Model your data in an easy to read format for comparing costs and activities

5. Customize It

Modify your report criteria with data filters, see as much or as little data as you need!

Filter your report by:

View your costs across years, months, or even a single day

Identify trends in your growing and production costs throughout the year

Crop Type

See which crops are costing the most to manage


Track your labour expenses on your production practices, see which employees are earning the most

Keep track of your payouts, either piecemeal or hourly


For the first time, view your data by work crew to get a bigger picture of your labour costs


Create categories of your own and group expenses your way

Assign custom categories to your activities to create cost groups

Production Practice

Or just select the specific practices you want to track

Filter sidebar on the Croptracker total work cost report

Customize the report to best reflect the data you want to see

At Croptracker, we're always building and improving our platform. You can't manage what you can't measure, so make the most of your data at every step of your operation. Check out the Total Work Cost Report today!

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