The growing season is nearly upon us, Croptracker can help you every step of the way.

Vehicle Spraying Orchard in Bloom

Improving the safety, efficiency and traceability of crop production is a high priority for Croptracker. This is why we built the Spray and Chemical inventory modules in our farm management enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. With these important modules you will be able to optimize farm operations, while keeping everyone safe.


Benefits of Croptracker’s Spray module


Documentation is critical when working with regulated activities such as spray. By using our spray module, all your records are stored securely in Croptracker. Our spray reports are quick and easy to access so you can provide documents for any customers or government regulators that come your way. Audits become a breeze instead of a chore that takes up your precious time and money.

Croptracker maintains an up-to-date inventory of your chemicals automatically. You can analyze chemical usage and costs over time in order to optimize your spray habits, saving money and reducing headaches in the process. Our app will also calculate the ratios for the spray that traditionally is calculated by hand. Leave the math to us, all you have is give us the raw information and we will give you the tank mixture calculation, the tank size required and the costs involved. Croptracker users can also create Spray Plans in advance. Spray Plans are a great way for growers to plan out and visualize their upcoming season's crop treatments. When inputting a spray plan into Croptracker, users can select from a list of safety equipment to use. Your workers can generate work orders displaying safety information in one click enabling communication of safety information to be done easily.

To help reduce the risk of returning to your orchard too early, Croptracker automatically calculates safe re-entry times based on your specific spray application. The system will send e-mail alerts to let you and your employees know when it is safe for you and your employees to resume work in specific fields and orchards. If you also have our Harvest module, your workers will be warned if they attempt to harvest before it is acceptable based on spray requirements. These features provide the piece of mind, knowing that everything related to your spray practices will go off without a hitch.

Croptracker is proud to have this module to allow you to save time before, during and after spraying so that you can focus on what matters most, staying safe, protecting your crops, saving time and saving money.

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