The Punch Clock Kiosk subscription is an add-on subscription to Croptracker’s Punch Clock module that allows for a dedicated Kiosk device and login that only displays the Kiosk Punch-in screen. This allows workers to quickly and easily badge in and out of their shifts themselves.

For growers and packing facilities with many employees, the work of managing their timesheets, and employee information is very time-consuming. Collecting paper time sheets from workers, supervisors and crew leads results in many hours of compiling records and data entry. Having workers manage their own digital records can help ease this administrative work but comes with other challenges like data security, mistakes, and efficiency if the information is not partitioned and protected. This article will briefly explore some of these challenges and the solutions provided by adopting the Punch Clock Kiosk and Admin workflow.

Speed and Efficiency

Badging employees in to start their shifts for the day is the quickest way to generate worklogs. Croptracker can generate employee badges in many formats and employees need only to tap the screen to start the camera and then scan to start their time. At the end of the shift they simply scan again. This process means there are no administrative delays before work starts and no time taken at the end of the shift logging work done.

For employees with stable roles, default activities can be set so that when they badge in there is a record of what task they are performing. This helps determine the time and costs for performing this activity and ways to boost efficiency where possible.

Mistakes and Fraud

Using a simple badge in the process for time recording helps to eliminate mistakes and missing data. When workers are able to simply badge in and have no ability to change the records, there is less of an opportunity for inaccuracies and disputed work records. It also means employees do not have access to make or edit the work records of other employees.

Only Admin-level users are able to update and edit work logs, ensuring there is a trusted person validating all records before payroll processes. When necessary, mistakes can be fixed, pay rates can be changed, work receipts can be printed or emailed and employee information can be updated by admin users on the web or the app quickly and easily.

Data visibility and security

The Punch Clock Kiosk / Admin workflow is valuable for protecting sensitive data. With full Punch Clock permissions, users are able to view and add employee data including payroll data, and employee contact information. This information is generally protected under acts like the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in Canada and the FTC’s guidelines for Protecting Personal Information in the USA.

Under these guidelines, employers are responsible for ensuring the ‘Principle of Least Privilege’, meaning only those who need access to this kind of information should be able to access it. With a Kiosk-only subscription, employee information is hidden and an organization can determine which trusted employees can access more information. Employee information and work records can be generated by administrators and provided to employees when requested for accountability and compliance with data protection policies.

Analysis and Audits

For cost and analysis and auditing purposes, ensuring only admin-level users can access employee information, payroll records and work logs helps to maintain organization and accuracy. Centralized records that are managed by trusted employees ensure that at the end of the year, cost reporting is accurate and no information is missing or stored elsewhere and unaccounted for. It also means employers are able to quickly answer questions from auditors and labor boards as they arise with filterable reports and historical data from years past.

The Punch Clock Kiosk add-on subscription for Croptracker’s Punch Clock module offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges of managing employee timesheets and information in large agricultural and packing operations. By streamlining the process of clocking in and out with an easy-to-use interface, this system significantly reduces administrative burdens, minimizes errors and fraud, and ensures robust data security. The centralized management of work logs and payroll data by admin-level users not only enhances efficiency but also supports compliance with data protection regulations. Additionally, the ability to generate detailed reports and maintain accurate records facilitates thorough cost analysis and simplifies audits, making the Punch Clock Kiosk an invaluable tool for modern agricultural management.