The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) has officially recognized fresh produce safety programme CanadaGAP® against its most recent Version 7.1 benchmarking requirements.  

As a result, growers operating under CanadaGAP's certification options B, C, or D can prove with one compliance step that they are in line with GFSI Benchmarking Requirements Key Elements.

"GFSI recognition is an important way for CanadaGAP to demonstrate the rigour and credibility of the programme and for certified companies to access markets around the world," says Heather Gale, CanadaGAP's Executive Director.

CanadaGAP has been GFSI-recognized for certification options B and C since 2010 and D since 2016, but re-benchmarking is required each time GFSI updates its benchmarking requirements.  GFSI's recent announcement demonstrates CanadaGAP's continued commitment to enforcing Good Agricultural Practices and protecting fresh produce safety with their compliant producers.

Croptracker has collaborated with growers to help make CanadaGAP compliance easy and is fully compatible with 25 reports in the 2018 CanadaGAP Manual.  Croptracker is able to automatically populate these reports using the data growers have inputted in the course of their daily operations.  This means comprehensive, accurate reports without the hassle.  It saves growers valuable prep time that could be better spent in their fields or orchards, and cut audit times down to a few hours instead of a few days.


Screen Shot 2018 08 27 at 10.06.47 AM

An excerpt of the CanadaGAP® reports Croptracker offers.



If you'd like to discuss CanadaGAP reports or any other of the 70 reports Croptracker offers (including GLOBALG.A.P. reports), get in touch at or Live Chat with us by clicking the green speech bubble helpicon in your bottom right-hand corner.  We're always happy to help you let Croptracker make your farm become more efficient, safe, and profitable!


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