Croptracker - Harvest Quality Vision For Receiving

Harvest Quality Vision For Receiving

Streamline your harvest with on-demand data capture.

Quickly determine grower payours.

Calculate the rate of pay owed using empirical data.

Condense quality control processes.

Save time and labor by reducing the frequency of hand measuring per lot.

Boost your sample size per lot in seconds.

Obtain a statistically relevant sample size with an accurate size distribution breakdown.

Integrate scanning data with the tools you use.

Maximize the benefits of scan data by applying it to Croptracker ERP modules or other tracking tools.

Send your crops off to buyers with confidence

From small family farms to large-scale growers supplying international distributors, our clients are able to deliver higher quality produce with streamlined efficiency by using Harvest Quality Vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do we need to get started?

To get started using Harvest Quality Vision, you need at least one iPad Pro 2020 for capture, farm mapping information for block planning, and the size class parameters you are targeting for your harvest. Book an appointment with one of our team members to launch your account with Croptracker.

Which members of our team should be a part of setting up Harvest Quality Vision?

To determine who would be best suited on your team to initiate and execute Harvest Quality Vision, consider these two starting questions:

  • Who on your team could use more detailed size sample information?
  • Who might be involved in taking produce scans, or could give input to make the most use of the information?

How does pricing work for Harvest Quality Vision?

Pricing varies based on the needs of your operation. Find out more about Harvest Quality Vision pricing by booking a demo.

Our operation is interested in using Harvest Quality Vision, but we also need other farm management tools. What else does Croptracker offer?

Whether you are looking for a simple spray record app to replace your spreadsheet, a pack house system, harvest tracking, or a powerful labor tracking app - Croptracker has the right farm management tool for you. Find out more about Croptracker's modular ERP.

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