Croptracker is pleased to announce its upcoming project Harvest Quality Vision™ (HQV), developed with the aim to revolutionize fruit and vegetable harvests.

The HQV system consists of a tablet capturing images of harvest bins and a cloud-based image processor - a rapid, economic, and objective means to monitor and analyze harvest progress. Through its instantaneous image analysis and processing capabilities, the HQV determines the size, colour, and quantity of fruit in its visible range and automatically alerts growers to deviations from inputted standards. Therefore, growers and field/orchard managers become aware of and can deal with issues like quantity shortages, defects, and disease much quicker - without the need for time-consuming manual inspection or waiting for a packing report.


"We are very excited to launch this new project in the upcoming months," says Croptracker's founder and CEO Matthew Deir. "The Harvest Quality Vision™ will give growers an unprecedented level of awareness of what is coming into their packhouses.  The HQV has the potential to save growers a lot of time and money by eliminating the need for manual inspection, and by alerting them of problems and deviations so they can course-correct early on in the harvest process.  We're confident it will be a real game-changer."


The HQV will also allow large grower-packer-marketer operations and co-operatives to uphold predetermined quantitative and qualitative standards across thousands of workers and millions of pounds of produce.  Conservative estimates based on one global grower-packer-marketer suggest $2,500,000 more in revenue could be generated from consistently delivering more apples of higher quality with the help of the HQV.


The benefits of using Harvest Quality Vision™ include the abilities to:

 Manage what is being picked to pre-determined quantitative standards without time-consuming and labour-intensive manual inspection

 Identify and be automatically alerted of inconsistencies, mistakes, and fruit at risk very early in the process

 Respond to issues before they become costly problems and reduce shrink


Croptracker would like to thank Bioenterprise Corporation, Innovation Guelph, and the Canadian federal government for awarding Croptracker and the HQV project funding via the Bioenterprise Ontario Seed Fund.  The grant, awarded earlier this year, supports high-potential businesses with projects poised to improve the agriculture and agri-food sectors.


Harvest Quality Vision™ is slated to release in Q1 of 2019 in advance of next year's harvest.  To receive updates and to be notified of the launch, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



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