Croptracker is pleased to announce the pilot launch of their crop management and record-keeping software by the BC Fruit Growers' Association.

The BC Fruit Growers' Association has represented the interests of British Columbian fruit growers’ interests since 1889 and aims to help create a healthy food system for the long-term prosperity of the tree fruit industry.  It advocates governments for positive change to risk management programs, such as crop insurance.  It also provides services and products to growers - the most recent service being access to the Croptracker platform.

Croptracker will capture information electronically that was previously lost in manual, written records.  "The pilot project will establish how this once-isolated, written information can be used to generate value for growers," said Pinder Dhaliwal, President of the BCFGA.   Croptracker will introduce automated alerts and enhance traceability, and provide the ability to draw on recorded activities to better manage the farm.  Croptracker will be linked to the BC Tree Fruit Production Guide to ensure that all crop recommendations are up-to-date and current.

“We’re very pleased that the BC Fruit Growers Association is bringing Croptracker to its members,” says Matt Deir, CEO and founder. “Every grower within the association will now have full access to the record-keeping, reporting, traceability, and other functionalities Croptracker offers."

Croptracker is a cloud-based crop management software platform that combines data from RFID systems, weather stations, soil sensors, and user-inputted information to help growers, co-ops, and associations make better decisions and be more profitable. Starting in 2006 with the consult of the Ontario Apple Growers Association, Deir and his team began building Croptracker into the powerful software used today by more than 2,000 growers from 41 countries.

Croptracker is unique among agricultural software platforms, as it is built on a foundation of collaboration with Canadian growers.  Over 12 years and countless software advancements later, Croptracker continues to be shaped by grower input as it expands around the world. As a result, the software reflects and combats today’s most pertinent challenges facing growers.

To open their free Croptracker account, members of the BC Fruit Growers' Association are asked to contact Brenda Jorde, Member Services Coordinator and Replant Admin at 1-800-619-9022.