Croptracker is always growing: let's take a look at some of our new features this month.


This month at Croptracker we've been working hard to make our customers' dreams for the software a reality. We've been fixing bugs and adding some new features that are most commonly requested by growers. Let's take a look at some of the new updates!

Build 851 - Mon, 3 Jun, 07:52 PM

New Feature(s)

This update will allow users to specify the blocks where they are performing site assessments for Canada GAP Reports.


Build 830 - Thu, 23 May, 07:25 PM

New Feature(s)

This update allows certain users to create and edit aspects of Spray master lists.


Build 828 - 23 May 2019, 8:21:53 AM

New Feature(s)

Users can now select growth stages for lettuce during a spray or production practice.


Build 825 - Wed, 22 May, 11:34 AM

New Feature(s)

Users can now view the cost of packing material in the packing material inventory report.

Users can now change the unit type of a chemical from the chemical inventory.


Build 824 - Wed, 22 May, 09:14 AM

New Feature(s)

Users can now mark employees as archived, which removes them from the list of active employees.


Build 823 - Tue, 21 May, 08:27 PM

New Feature(s)

This feature allows users to recalculate acreage while editing a row.


Build 822 - Tue, 21 May, 01:35 PM

New Feature(s)

This feature allows users to attribute a cost to each chemical.


Build 816 - Tue, 14 May, 12:15 PM

New Feature(s)

Improved loading times and performance when creating a spray plan.

And that’s it for this month’s new features! Got a feature or update you’d like to see added to Croptracker? Feel free to submit a request anytime through the Croptracker service desk.


Interested in learning more about any other Croptracker features? Head over to our Knowledge Base, where you'll find step-by-step tutorials as well as common troubleshooting tips and more.  And as always, if you're ever stuck, never hesitate to e-mail us at or Live Chat with us by clicking the green speech bubble helpicon in your bottom right-hand corner.  We're always happy to help you let Croptracker make your farm become more efficient, safe, and profitable!