Digitize your Quality Control processes and have access to it anytime & anywhere!

Crop quality is one of the most important factors to ensure that your crops make it to buyers and you get properly paid. Growing fruits and vegetables is tough, between extreme weather events such as hail, to the constant battle against pests, there are an endless number of problems that can affect the quality of your crop before you harvest or sell it.

With Croptracker’s Quality Control (QC) module you can easily digitize and automate existing pen and paper processes that are slow and time consuming. There is no need for a filing system to store quality information as you assess the quality of your crops and can easily enter everything into the Croptracker mobile app. You can manage and monitor quality specifics from the Croptracker website or mobile app anytime and anywhere. Automating your QC processes makes them more consistent, organized and saves money in the long run.

Croptracker has developed templates for small and large growers across a variety of fruit and vegetable for years and in continually updating our systems to ensure that all our products are the highest quality and standard in the industry. Getting started with the QC module is quick and easy and if support is needed, we are ready to get you on track.

Quality control records can be used to meet industry standards, so that there are no issues with crops that have been shipped to large grocery chains.

With the QC module, records are safe and secure in the cloud. When permission is given records can also be shared with other parties when proof is needed. These records can even include pictures of your fruits at the time of inspection. These records and pictures increase traceability and accountability by knowing where and when a specific issue or defect was recorded and is easy to show the buyer when there is a dispute about a shipment's quality.

Summaries and reports can be easily accessed to compare information between months, years, inventory and different growing blocks. It is the perfect thing for orchard managers and storage managers to ensure that the produce that makes it to market is the best possible. Our quality control module is integrated into our award winning Harvest Quality Vision technology. Scans for size and colour can be easily tied to quality control pictures and defect information stored in the QC module.

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