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Today's tip is for growers who are looking to organize the way they view events on the dashboard while using the Croptracker app from their mobile device or tablet. 

When recording a Harvest, Spray or Production Practice, you may optionally assign this event an Event Status, the two event statuses currently available are Archived and Deleted.

 If you would like to hide certain spray, harvest, or other events, you can save the event status as Archived. It will save the event and you and your team will no longer be able to view it on your mobile devices or tablets. This event will still be available for review through the desktop site. 

If you would like to see that event on your mobile device or tablet again, just go to the dashboard on your desktop, find the event and select edit. Remove the event status by clicking on the ‘x’ beside it, once you save the changes you will be able to see the event on the app within seconds. When you set an event as Deleted it will be removed from your dashboard on all platforms.

See our knowledge base article, Event Statuses: Archiving and Deleting for more information.

If your farm has any tips or suggestions to help other users please let us know through the Croptracker service desk. This is a great opportunity to help out other users like you!


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