It's back-to-school season in the Northern hemisphere, and also a popular time for growers to start taking on student interns.

Student interns or new grad interns are cost-effective and can be used for a variety of tasks around the farm.  While agriculture and horticulture students are an obvious choice, those from other disciplines can also prove to be of significant help - for instance, computer engineering students can develop a farm's website, business students can take over its social media, and graphic design students can assist with creating signage and advertisements.  This frees up time for growers and other more qualified personnel and allows them to focus on the bigger priorities.

On the flip side, internships allow students to gain real-world experience, explore their interests, network with growers and peers, and determine if a career in agriculture is right for them.  It also allows those from non-farming backgrounds to learn "farm etiquette" that will help them excel in their future careers.

Internships are also a great way for growers to trial new talent.  While not a given, an occasional bonus at the end of an internship is an offer of permanent employment once the student finishes school.  The new grad gains employment in a difficult job market, and the grower gains an employee who already has an intimate understanding of their farm and processes.

There are a variety of programs that help facilitate internships and pair students and new grads up with growers.  Growers can contact nearby universities' agriculture programs to inquire after joining or creating an internship program, or search for an online government internship program (many provinces and states offer one) or non-profit program that services their area (like the global service


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