Dragonfly is excited to announce the pilot trial launch of their crop management and record-keeping software Croptracker by Mr Apple, New Zealand’s largest fully-integrated grower, packer, and marketer of apples.


Mr Apple operates more than 1000 hectares of orchards and exports more than 4 million cartons of apples every year. The company prides itself on their apples being “safe, pure and 100% traceable back to source” and holds food safety and traceability certifications from some of the most demanding programs in the world.

This commitment to safety and traceability is a natural fit with the Croptracker platform, which since 2006 has provided customers with advanced solutions to drive an increase in food safety and traceability while decreasing overall operational costs. With Croptracker, Dragonfly’s mission is to make food production safer, more efficient, and more profitable for growers.

Dragonfly recently spent 2 weeks at Mr Apple orchard locations to help implement the software and provide training to orchard managers, work crew team leaders, and Mr Apple support staff.

“We’re delighted to be introducing Croptracker to Mr Apple,” says Matt Deir, CEO and founder. “This is a step forward for our software not just in terms of geography but also of scope. We’re very pleased with the results of the trial implementation phase and are looking forward to a successful future together.”

“Here at Mr Apple’s Rangihau orchard we are excited to be involved with Dragonfly in our pilot trial of their Croptracker suite of tools,” says orchard manager Grant Stevenson. “Early indications are very positive, my staff love it and the Croptracker team have been great to deal with. We are looking forward to exploring the full potential of their harvest management, payroll and logistics apps in what would be a game-changer in how we do business.”

Croptracker is a cloud-based crop management software platform that combines data from RFID systems, weather stations, soil sensors, and user-inputted information to help growers, co-ops, and associations make better decisions and be more profitable. Starting in 2006 with the consult of a small group of apple growers in eastern Ontario, Deir and his team began building Croptracker into the powerful software used today by more than 2,000 growers from, now, 41 countries.

Here’s to a fruitful future together, Mr Apple!