Croptracker’s spray diary system lets you create and access your records with ease.

Easily record sprays and pesticide application by orchard, block or row, and analyze usage and costs over time.

Let Croptracker automatically maintain your chemical inventory based on your purchase and application records.

Punch Clock

Easily create work crews and schedules to organize labour and payroll using hourly and/or piecerate schedules.

Monitor worker productivity and activity in real time with in field punch clocks and input tracking from anywhere.

Let us organize and store worker information and training records securely to ensure licensing and safety regulations are always being met.


With Croptracker you can accurately record your harvest events and yields by having your workers record their inputs right in the field from mobile devices.

Our mapping and harvest monitoring modules create accurate harvest estimates to help you improve your yields.

View yield patterns across time, or by the farm, field, block, or variety from your computer or mobile device with our reports.

Production Practice

Croptracker’s production practices module makes tracking every task on your farm easy.

You can track labor and equipment costs for production practices all across your farm from your mobile device or your desktop.

Use our reports to fine tune your operations and find the best production practices for your farm.

Packing & Field Pack

With Croptracker you can print scannable bin tickets, and track your inputs right in the field from your mobile device or tablet.

Easily scan bin tickets with your phone camera at storage or packing time, and keep your data together on the cloud, to review from anywhere in the world.

It is simple to record packing, track the amount and type of packing material used while processing products, and monitor your costs and inventory with easy-to-read reports.

GAP Audits & Reports

Croptracker makes it easy to access performance reports to rate your compliance with laws, regulations, and requirements.

You can quickly streamline all your data using over 80 different reports for auditors, retailers, consumers or yourself.

Croptracker's easily-accessible records and reports will cut complicated and time-consuming audits down to a few hours instead of a few days, so you can get back to focusing on your farm.

Since 2006, Croptracker has helped thousands of growers to integrate with farm management software that improves their operations and profits. Our software is developed with grower input and we are always learning and updating Croptracker to better suit your farm’s needs.

But don’t take our word for it:

Our 200+ member growers have been using Croptracker since 2008 - our feedback has helped to design and develop the system - it helps our growers monitor their blocks with real time weather and soil moisture data, scouting with an iPad app, track sprays, harvest, storage, and labour tracking.

Kelly Ciceran
Ontario Apple Growers Association.
Ontario, Canada

After a global search, we selected Croptracker because it’s a well-established and comprehensive solution that creates orchard operational efficiencies and is easy to use. We are looking forward to rolling it out across all our orchard operations. This is a significant step for Mr Apple and the 1,300 orchard staff that will rely on the Croptracker software.

Andrew van Workum
Mr Apple New Zealand Ltd.
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Croptracker is a powerful, web-based record keeping system for growers. The integrated orchard mapping feature creates a highly visible, dynamic interface for spray records, harvest, etc. Eastern Growers will love the Knouse-format spray report!

Brad Hollabaugh
Hollabaugh Bros., Inc.
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania