Build 481 - Wed, 11 Apr, 10:31 AM

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-2009 - Ability to filter Punch Clock Admin by TeamWork Crew

    This feature allows users to filter employee work logs in the punch clock admin module by their work crew.

  • TSD-2042 - Daily Harvest Report Permission

    This issue displayed a permission denied warning to some users under certain conditions.

  • TSD-2044 - Daily Harvest Report nan%

    This issue displayed nan% as the average harvested volume in the daily harvest report under certain conditions to some users.

  • TSD-2071 - Daily Harvest Report - wrong averagesReports

    This issue was displaying incorrect daily harvested averages to some users under certain conditions.

  • TSD-2087 - Can't unselect all employees in reportsReports

    This issue made it difficult to deselect all employees in a report after clicking the check box for all employees.