Build 470 - Wed, 4 Apr, 10:41 AM

New Feature(s)

  • FT-3054 - Canada GAP Form TReports

    This form is intended to assess whether potential food defense/security risk factors exist.

  • TSD-1841 - Growth Stages for Blueberries

    'Dormant', 'Bud Swell', 'Early Green Tip', 'Green Tip', 'Bud Break or Bud Burst', 'Late Green Tip', 'Bud Cluster', 'Shoot Expansion', 'Early Pink Bud', 'Pink Bud', 'Late Pink Bud', 'Early Bloom', 'Bloom', 'Full Bloom', 'Petal Fall', 'Early Green Fruit', 'Green Fruit', 'Late Green Fruit', 'Shoot Tip Set', 'Fruit Ripening', '10% Blue', '25% Blue', '75% Blue', 'Fruit Bud Set', 'Fall Color'

  • FT-4465 - getWorkCrewEmployees exception if deleted employee is in crewWork Crew

    This issue displayed an error to users if they attempted to edit a work crew with a deleted employee.