Build 467 - Mon, 2 Apr, 08:46 AM

New Feature(s)

  • FT-3052 - Canada GAP Form R

    Updated Canada GAP Form R recording and reporting.

  • FT-3054 - Canada GAP Form TReports

    This form is intended to assess whether potential food defense/security risk factors exist.

  • FT-4280 - Canada GAP T ReportReports

    Updated Canada GAP Form T recording and reporting.

  • FT-4926 - Time column in worklog piecesWorklogs

    Piece work items linked to work logs now show the time the piece was recorded in the work log detail view.

  • FT-4937 - Show more detailed harvest event summaryHarvest

    The summary for Harvest events on the dashboard now shows more detailed yield information.

  • FT-4938 - Show picker(s) and harvest class on inventory reportReports

    The Harvest Inventory Report now shows Event #, Harvest class, and Picker(s) columns.