Build 466 - Thu, 29 Mar, 07:50 AM

New Feature(s)

  • TSD-2011 - Export codes in IMS Payroll ImportReports

    This new feature allows users to customize their export cost codes for importing into IMS Payroll software.

  • FT-4699 - Punch Clock Admin - start/end time sortWorklogs

    This bug made the logs appear sorted in a strange order when users clicked to sort by start or end time and the date range spanned more than one month.

  • FT-4927 - Fix missing page titles

    Some pages did not display a page title in the browser window correctly.

  • TSD-2003 - Repacking with no locations/available pallets json errorRepack

    This bug caused the app to display an error when users tried to enter a repacking event without a location.