Feature Notes
Activity Administration Croptracker has an extensive list of activities linked to parent production practices - users have asked for the ability to add their own.  Now users can add/edit/delete their own activities.
Work Log Exception Reports Data recorded in the field isn't always 100% accurate due to human error. Before doing payroll each week, admins need to be able to quickly identify and fix innacurate data.  This report will identify potentially erroneous worklog/payroll-related data.
Bin Labels Compatibility added for new harvest tag format (Harvest 4x4 - Label); which is designed for field printing, has a bigger barcode that is easier to scan, uses the new more-detailed farm label and block label, and lists all the pickers for that piece.
Barley & Grass Seed Crops Added New crop types added. 
Work Log Bulk Edit Feature Updates Adjust employee work logs in bulk from the Punch Clock Admin - start everyone at the same time and the same place.
Inventory Bulk Edit Feature Added Bulk edit piece rate information for batches of inventory from a harvest event. 
Worker-centric Mobile Harvest UI Added On iPhone and iPad, harvest events now have an additional Worklogs screen that lets you manage harvests from the picker's perspective.
Form R (Deviations & Corrective Actions form) for CanadaGAP Added Form allows recording of all major deviations, complaints and their related cause(s), corrective action(s), preventative measures and modified procedures. Record that employees have been trained on the new procedures.
Form T (Food Defense) for CanadaGAP Added Form intended to assess whether potential food defense/security risk factors exist.
Time Column in Worklog Pieces Added a time column to harvest pieces for each worklog.
More Detailed Harvest Event Summary The summary for Harvest events on the dashboard now shows more detailed yield information.
More Detailed Harvest Inventory Report The Harvest Inventory Report now shows Event #, Harvest class, and Picker(s) columns.


Bug Fixes

 Vacation pay deduction in IMS Payroll Import bug fixed

 Filter on Work Crew in Daily Timesheet report bug fixed

 Fixed bug where blocks weren't showing up on employee worklog report