Security & Privacy

All data stored on Croptracker is safe, secure, and reliable.




We keep your data safe

All Croptracker accounts use SSL-encrypted connections by default - the same level of security used by online banks. You never send or receive sensitive information in plain-text. Additionally, industry-standard physical and remote security is administered at data center facilities.

Our focus is your privacy

Croptracker cares deeply about protecting the privacy of the data entrusted to us by our customers. This is one of the core values at the heart of our business. Please review our Privacy Policy for specific details.

How we stay reliable

Croptracker achieves an average 99.9% uptime.

Unbeatable stability

If you store 10,000 objects with us, on average we may lose one of them every 10 million years or so.

Our data retention policy

We take our role as custodian of your data extremely seriously. We have multiple backup systems in place to protect your data, governed by the policies shown here.

Belt & suspenders backups

  • Belt & suspenders backups mean your data is backed up both on local servers and on the cloud.  Backups occur every hour,  get replicated across 3 continents, and are retained for 180 days.  Application logs (for assisting Support cases) are also retained for 90 days.

Our industry standard security practices

Croptracker systems and processes adhere to industry best practices in security.

Default to blocked

  • Encrypted inter-server and inter-datacenter communication.
  • Sensitive data encryption in the databases.
  • Tightly firewalled and monitored servers.
  • Strictly controlled access to servers or customer data.
  • Immutable audit trail for support-related data access.

Our responsible security disclosure

Croptracker has an engaged developer community and we value the role played by third parties in Internet security. Our customers trust us with their data and we take this trust extremely seriously. The process to the right is in place for any person or organization to report vulnerabilities in the Croptracker service.

If you think you've found an issue

  • E-mail a complete description of the issue to  Please include code samples and as much detail as possible.
  • The Croptracker security team will acknowledge receipt of the e-mail promptly and investigate.
  • Most reports will take less than 24 hours to investigate and determine a course of action.
  • Please be responsible and retain the private nature of this disclosure until the Croptracker security team has responded to your submission with a timeline of any mitigation underway.  Croptracker does not pursue any action against parties who disclose issues through this process.  Croptracker does not compensate disclosing parties for submissions.